Monday, October 24, 2005

Texas, Do You Really Want Some of This?

In celebration of Texas rising to the top of the Bowl Championship Series rankings, ahead of USC, which has won 29 in a row, we want to point all you late-arriving Longhorn fans to a Flash presentation that is second to none. It is done by Ken Romig, who has done this for the past six years. Here is a link to his past efforts, plus a dig at rival UCLA. Requires bandwidth.


the other Andrew said...

Yes, we do want some of it. That's why we're happy Texas and USC is #1 and 2, in no particular order.

I bet that guy's wife is happy he's wasting his time making flash presentations.

Anonymous said...

If the Rose Bowl were played today, UT would win by at least two TD's. USC is yet to play even a decent defense, and UT would score at will. But to answer your question, UT wouldn't mind some. They'd much rather play USC than a team that plays defense, like VT.

Brian said...

USC's biggest loss in the Pete Carroll era is 11 points (in just his 7th game), and you're claiming texas would win by 2 touchdowns?


USC did last year what texas could never do in crushing oklahoma, breaking their will and softening them up enough to finally be overcome this year.

Trust me you don't want any of USC in January. virginia tech has some room to talk, but texas? ha!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Texas does and, so does Virgina Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Miami, Florida State, and Notre Dame would like another shot.

Walmart Heiress said...

Fine athlete, that Reggie.

Notice how I didn't say "student" athlete?


Mike "I didn't know going to school was important" Williams


Steve "school is like, whatever" Smith

P.S. Got any ecstasy? I had a whole bunch, but I had to drug this chick I date-raped last night, and she ate it all. Oh, well, I guess I can go rob a USC student with a pellet gun.

Anonymous said...

Hey USC fanatics - Where have you all gone?