Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Pacific Northworst? Try Washington

It started in 1948, when Washington orchestrated the 1948 conference vote that sent California to the Rose Bowl instead of Oregon, screwing over their Northwest neighbor and spawning the bitterness that has marked the rivalry. It continued Saturday in a theater overflowing with full-throated supporters. The Ducks' Kellen Clemens put the Huskies in their place in a 45-21 rout at Autzen Stadium, the rowdiest venue in the Pac-10. Just make sure you don't wear a sweatshirt touting your love the for Ducks' opponent.

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Anonymous said...

Yep. Udub is paying for the sins of hiring a female AD who was clueless and brought this once proud school down to the level the Ducks are used to flying at.

Won't be long before Belotti takes a job elsewhere when he comes to the realization that the only kind of players he can recruit to Oregon are owners of the original whizinator. Enjoy your one win over a superior school.