Tuesday, September 27, 2005

They're Turning Up the Heat in Tempe

It was the third week of September in 1996. No. 1 Nebraska, a 24-point favorite, was coming to Tempe with a 26-game winning streak. But the Sun Devils did something special by stunning the Cornhuskers, 19-0. Now No. 1 USC is coming to town as a 16-point favorite with a 25-game winning streak. If the Sun Devils are to make a statement, this is their chance.

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mdg said...

That was a classic game, but one major difference sets Nebraska away form USC. Matt Leinart.

QB Scott Frost was making his first career road start for the Cornhuskers. The Nebraksa native and Stanford transfer, had a difficult time in Tempe.

ASU is not as good as the 96 Sun Devils, and USC is.......well USC!