Saturday, September 24, 2005

Raising a Stink About Pink

A professor at the University of Iowa says she has received numerous Internet threats after it was reported she planned to protest the pink visitors' locker room at Kinnick Stadium. Erin Buzuvis said she has had "death threats and rape threats. I'm not having a fun day." Buzuvis is among a group that plans to raise the issue at a public hearing next week. The group claims the pink lockers are an attempt to demean opposing teams by suggesting they're gay or women. Buzuvis also has a blog.


Burmafrd said...

So why is she sticking her nose into this? She not busy enough teaching? Maybe she is not doing her job? Is this something important? And is she DUMB enough not to realize that by sticking her nose where it does not belong that a certain sector of the population would react like it has?
Any way you look at it- this prof sounds to be pretty dumb.

sandy said...

the next thing that she will want is to change the locker color every week according to the team that is playing.