Monday, September 26, 2005

Bellotti: Quack Attack Derailed by Calls

Coach Mike Bellotti is questioning two penalties that cost Oregon touchdowns in its 45-13 loss to USC. "I think they were incorrect. I don't agree with either call and I'll send" in the video to the Pac-10 for a review and explanation. Bellotti also said, "I think it would have been a different football game with those points on the board."


mdg said...

He didn't say much about the refs calling 16 penalties on Fresno State the week before or the fact that instant replay should have been used on the apparent fumble by the Ducks in the 1st quarter, when they were down 17-0. Quick whistle?

Take the loss and shut up. USC gave the game to the Ducks in the first half. Even if you tack on the disputed points, USC would have still outscored the Ducks.

Anonymous said...

Not his point, he said it would have been a different football game. Uh, you lost, so shut up and forget about us. You cant beat us, recent record proves it. Ruff Ruff, bulldogs.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a break. Bellotti never said he would've won the game. He simply said it would've been a different ball game. We got a touchdown called back, that would've made it 30-21, I highly doubt anyone will dispute that it wouldn't have given that crowd, and extra boost of confidence.

Sounds like a bunch of Bulldogs are pissed because they got their asses handed to them. What can you expect from a team from the WAC.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like true Duck babies...I mean "fans." Uh, in case you haven't noticed, the magical aura of Autzen is DEAD. The days of upsetting the Colorados, BYU's and USC's of the world are over...didn't you lose to the Hoosiers recently?