Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Update From the Alabama Politburo

First we learn that Alabama recently brought in the Pacific Institute to help players with mental conditioning/character development issues (i.e. brainwashing; more on that later). Now comes word that Jolly Old Saint Nick Saban pulled scrimmage highlights off Tide TV, a university-run premium site where subscribers pay $120 a year to get, among other things, scrimmage highlights.

Ian Rapoport reported that the roughly two-minute clip from Saturday's work at Bryant-Denny Stadium had been pulled from TideTV. "That's right," he wrote. "The in-house video service run by the athletic department was seriously edited." Then the Birmingham News reporter found out that it was Saban who ordered the highlights be pulled from the site.

"It's no big deal," Saban said. "I don't think that's something that we want to do. That's why we close practice — so that the other team can't see us. We got on the Internet to see if we could see any of Clemson's plays from their scrimmage and didn't see any. That's not what people usually do when you're getting ready to play a game, to advertise on TV or the Internet. I'm not pleased about it, but it's something that can be corrected and it won't happen again."

The public and media are barred from practices or scrimmages by Saban, unless of course it can somehow benefit the coach.

Saban's influence reaches far beyond Tuscaloosa. In April, Mobile Press-Register reporter Gentry Estes wrote a blog post that was critical of the coach's closing of practices. Two days later, the post was deleted by the newspaper with no explanation. Saban is suspected to have complained about the post.

As for the brainwashing exercises, the Pacific Institute was paid $39,000 to conduct the development classes. Here is one affirmation given to players regarding classwork: "I attend all classes with an open mind and with a positive attitude to learn. I'm excited to learn something new every day! My education is important to me. I'm committed to seizing the opportunities that have been given to me. I maintain a 3.5 GPA. I take the time to study, realizing that it is the reiteration that helps me to assimilate what it is I’m learning."

Offensive linemen: "I am an excellent pass blocker. My technique is perfect. I stay low creating a solid base while establishing balance. I sustain my blocks, providing my QB time to complete every pass. My drive blocking is outstanding. I create holes in the defense by driving my opponent off the line of scrimmage. I then use my body to wall off my opponent, preventing him from making the tackle."

Receivers: "I run my routes with precision. I blow by the defender, creating separation. I look the ball into my soft but strong hands, securing it and then I run to daylight. I catch every ball that’s thrown my way and I celebrate when my number is called because I am a big playmaker."

Defensive backs: "I frustrate receivers because I stick to them like glue. I remain calm and relaxed and seek all opportunities to make big plays. Because I am a student of the game of football, I recognize routes as they unfold and always position myself to defend and/or intercept the pass. I'm skilled, I'm fast and I am an aggressive force to be reckoned with. I am a fantastic open-field tackler. I play suffocating defense all the time!"

Defensive linemen: "I am a dominant defensive player. I control the line of scrimmage, making it difficult for the offense to advance the ball. I'm strong and tenacious. I can't be blocked. My pass rush is ferocious. I'm quick off the ball and blow by my opponent, sacking the QB. I am a bad man!"

You can view a video of one of the classes by clicking here.


Picture Me Rollin said...

The Wizard of Odds: "I pursue an agenda of demonizing people that I have personally never met. I twist and bend facts or unsubstantiated rumors to suit my own personal prejudices. My personal passions rule me so much that I don't let things like fact or sound logic govern when I act upon my personal vendettas - forced upon those who have actually done nothing to me personally. I am a douchebag"
I can't believe he would pull scrimmage film for viewing - even if it was capable of being viewed by an upcoming opponent. He's just trampled on all of our First Amendment Rights. Damn Communist. I also am outraged that he would seek to help young men better themselves both on and off the football field. What a travesty!

Wiz, when you do what you do, it is a wonderful thing. You are a service to football fans everywhere. When you stoop to making petty judgments and poor jokes it's just sad. It reminds me of junior high - I believe you're better than that. Your blog is a daily stop for the information it provides not for the comedy you attempt - and if this isn't an attempt at comedy then it's just petty bitching. Come on dude.

mathew said...

Saban is a good coach for the team. This is the thing for the success of team. He is great for service the team. He is doing his job perfectly. This is excellent effor for the team members.

george said...

Saban has always been known for outworking his opponets and taking different angles to gain the edge on his adversaries. That's what all great field generals do. He is all of that and more

A.Simmz said...

Wow all of the above comments have some serious addictions to the Saban Kool-Aid.

Believe it or not, Saban is not God...I'll give you all some time to learn to cope with that fact.

Anonymous said...

I've coahed on the sidelines of college football and know a bit more than average fans and A LOT more than blog writers, I mean that's why they have a blog so people that don't much can spew their opinion.. but I will tell you this... Saban proved last year in the Arkansas game he knew what he was doing as a great coach.... He's proved it again against Clemson... if he has some kool-aid he's offering, a lot of us coaching football would sure love some.

Anonymous said...

How can any of that post be seen as derogatory to coach Saban or the program.Oh my god,you mean he wants his team to think positively about themselves and their ability?
Lets go hang this bastard right now before he makes them believe they can actually win.The nerve of that guy bringing in motivational speakers to talk to college kids.Dude the only person looking sad and petty is you.You need to grow up.

bpcarman said...

I would really like to know what twisted logic was at work to make you or anyone else think there is something wrong with bringing in motivational speakers to talk to a football team.Do you remember Dr.Norman Vincent Peale?He wrote a book called the power of positive thinking.Did coach Saban steal your girlfriend in high school or whip your ass in college?I sure hope your day job is not with the postal service.

Anonymous said...

You know no one jumps all over Richt at Georgia for closing practices. I went to watch my daughter cheer for her Pee Wee team and noticed players for our rival team sitting in the stands watching the game. Turns out they had notebooks and were trying to figure out the signals. We don't play them until the end of the year and yet they have been to every one of our games. Oh yeah, though not closed, our team practices in an area that makes it difficult for someone to just come in to look in on practices so they have to drive across Austin to see the team on the field.

If it happens in Pee Wee you can't tell me that it doesn't happen in college ball.