Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wake Forest

Seniors are the backbone of any program, and Wake Forest honors its group of 16 and coach Jim Grobe with small player cards that form the design for its poster schedule.

While this design lacks the snap, crackle and pop featured in many other posters, it's a classy way to remember your frontline gladiators. Click the image for a larger view.

We thank Michael for sending the poster. Let's see what Mike has to say about the Demon Deacons' effort:

"This design is little overwhelming although, unlike Clemson, the images do not run into each. Again, you know how I feel about putting a kicker/punter on your poster, and I do not care if he is a Groza award candidate or not.

" 'Back in Black'? Did they get copyright permission from AC/DC? The schedule itself seems to be an afterthought. Just kind of stuck at the bottom in small type that is overpowered by the rest of the piece."

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