Monday, July 21, 2008

Southern Methodist

Southern Methodist alums are not shy about flaunting their financial success. This is the place where you'll see BMWs sporting bumper stickers that read, "My maid went to Texas."

Imagine what will become of the fatcat alums if June Jones can resurrect the football program. Jones' boldest move to date has been a return to the white helmet, which is featured prominently on the poster schedule, sent to us by Todd of College Football Top Ten. What do our reviewers have to say?


"I like the design because it is clean without being mechanical (see Texas El Paso). Despite the dominance the helmet, it doesn't throw the piece off-balance and the image of Jones, which is somewhat faded into into the background, is a nice way to highlight the coach. To me it seems to be a metaphor for Jones being the force behind the program.

"The colors are balanced and transition well into each other, giving the poster a certain flow. It would appear that the Pony Express is on its way to riding back into college football relevance."

Mike from S.F.:

"This poster is all about Jones and the return of a once great program. In the background across the top, you see the SMU facilities, part of reason Jones bailed out of Hawaii. In the middle is the white helmet, bringing back memories of the program's glory years. Behind the helmet you see an image of Jones. All of this is layered on parched paper background.

"Other than the relatively small font for the schedule at the bottom, my only complaint would be that the poster resembles a beer ad. At first glance, it seems like the helmet is buried in packed snow, like a frosty one you reach for at tailgate time. But that may be more my problem.

"A good job on this by SMU, a team that will be fun to watch this season."

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I hope we get to play them soon.