Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Send Us Your Team's Poster Schedule

One of the more popular features on this site has been poster schedules, and we will begin posting the 2008 editions next week. If you're a fan of a team or with a sports information office and wish to have your team's poster displayed, send an image to dawizofodds (at) Only clean and readable images are allowed. We post one team's poster schedule each day in the run-up to the season.

If you're new to the site or simply not sure what this is all about, here are links to the poster schedules displayed for the 2007 and 2006 seasons. The links are also available on the right-hand column under "Best of the Wiz."

Nearly all of the posters are beautifully crafted and if anybody is interested, we're open to a qualified person critiquing each poster. This isn't easy work, as we expect to display 50-plus posters.

One last note: We're also looking for somebody to create a custom banner for the Wiz. We figure it's about time for an upgrade. Drop us a note if you're interested.


fife53 said...

Google "roadkill," and you will find Washington's.

Anonymous said...

Does this count?

dawizofodds said...

Not bad, but check back on Thursday for a mock page. :-)