Friday, July 04, 2008

Only Three Berkeley Tree-Sitters Remain

University of California officials have ramped up pressure in recent weeks on a group of tree-sitters who are protesting plans to cut down 44 oak trees to make way for a planned $140 million sports training center next to Memorial Stadium.

The project has been challenged in court and a judge is expected to make a ruling in the long and complicated case later this month. But university officials, apparently optimistic of a favorable ruling, have started making life difficult for the tree sitters by cutting off their supplies. Each tree-sitter is given two or three energy bars a day, plus bottled water, by university officials. All other support lines have been cut off.

The move is working. Four of the tree-sitters, including one known as "Dumpster Muffin," ended their protests this week. Three remain perched in the trees and the protesters say they plan to tough it out until the judge rules on the case.


Anonymous said...

Bunch of hippies....can't believe Tedford is still there dealing with this.

Anonymous said...

i give tedford another year or two, cal really isnt committed to winning. if belotti leaves (for whatever reason) and for some reason they dont give chip kelly the job, then id see tedford going back to oregon.

Anonymous said...

They truly live in a different world. ANd the media's sympathy for them, citing everything that the campus does that is less than perfect is amazing.

Anonymous said...

when will the state of California break off of our once great land!? dumpster muffin ... she speaks for that state. sad state of affairs. if you disagree and live in california, fricking move and prove it to people!