Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Mother of All BCS Disasters

In his latest installment examining the 10 years of the Bowl Championship Series, the BCS Guru takes us back to 2001 and the series of events that exposed the system for what it is: a fraud.

How else can you explain Nebraska, a 62-36 loser in its season finale at Colorado, earning a bid to the BCS title game? Heck, the Cornhuskers didn't even win the Big 12 North, yet found themselves playing Miami in title game in Pasadena, where they were drilled by the Hurricanes, 34-14.

The BCS' answer to all of this, of course, was to keep tweaking the system, notably throwing out the impact of margin of victory in computer rankings. So Nebraska's 26-point loss at Boulder looked more like a one-point loss to the computers, even though human eyes knew otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yea!...more hair pulling. Tell me oh great Wizard, who deserved the right to get whipped by Miami?

dawizofodds said...

The answer: Oregon.

Colorado and Oregon were the next teams on the BCS list. The Buffaloes had losses to Fresno State and Texas.

The Ducks had only one loss, it coming to two-loss Stanford.

The Ducks and Buffaloes met in the Fiesta Bowl, with Oregon winning, 38-16.

Aldo Quintanilla said...

Oregon for sure. It was 37-14 by the way.