Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's Time for Crewcut to Come Clean

Terrific piece by John Walters of questioning the role Notre Dame's Crewcut Charlie Weis may have played in Spygate, the New England Patriots' illegal videotaping of signals by opposing coaches. Weis, of course, was an assistant with the Patriots when much of the cheating was taking place, and he was directly linked to the scheme in May.

Weis has addressed the matter only once and that was 10 months ago. Walters, a fine writer who happens to be a Notre Dame graduate, makes this argument for Weis to come clean: Given that Notre Dame holds itself to a higher standard and considering it fired George O'Leary for inaccuracies on his resume, is it not proper for Weis to tell the truth?

Thanks to The Big Lead and Image of Sport.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously these guys don't know how arrogant Notre Dame is and that the rules do not apply to them. How dare you point out a flaw since everyone else is "too polite" to mention it! The elephant in the room, errrr Weis, will be pointed out soon enough. What a disaster Notre Dame has become. The fat lady, errrr Weis, has song.