Saturday, July 05, 2008

Haley Loves the Spearmint Rhino

The World Series of Poker simply cannot be ignored. The main event started this week in Las Vegas, and the event brings out the usual collection of so-called celebrities who attempt to play their way into the limelight.

Among the players this week was former NBA benchwarmer Jack Haley, who plucked down $10,000 to enter the main event. Despite being short-stacked, Haley had the attention of the ESPN cameras throughout much of Friday and according to Ian McKenzie of Bluff Magazine, he wasn't too heartbroken as his chip-stack dwindled before he was eliminated.

"I either need to accumulate mad chips or get going man," Haley joked. "Does the term Spearmint Rhino mean anything to you dealer?" The Spearmint Rhino is one of Las Vegas’ most popular clubs for gentlemen.


Adam said...

I had been able to ignore it until this post.

Teen Stock Traders said...

I wonder how much money they loose on this day ?