Sunday, July 20, 2008

George O'Leary, Newspaper Editor

George O'Leary can do it all. Coach football, lie on his resume ... now he wants to be a newspaper editor.

The Central Florida coach says he's "under advisement not to have any dialogue with the Orlando Sentinel until basically some things that have been written have been corrected."

O'Leary is upset over the newspaper's coverage of Ereck Plancher, who collapsed and died in March after a voluntary workout. Shortly after Plancher's death, the paper talked with four Central Florida players who said Plancher showed signs of distress during the workout.

One of the players said O'Leary singled out Plancher and cursed at him for lack of effort. "That's a bunch of [expletive] out of you, son," O'Leary said.

When asked about this in April, O'Leary said: "I did not see him struggle."

On Thursday, O'Leary was asked by a Sentinel reporter what it would take to repeat as Conference USA champions. O'Leary responded by clarifying what newspaper the reporter represented. According to the Sentinel, O'Leary said, "I'm not having any dialogue with your paper until corrections to erroneous statements have been written."

Wrote Sentinel columnist David Whitley: "I don't expect you to care about this little hissing match between O'Leary and the Sentinel. But check out the corrections UCF has had to make.

"Plancher's final workout was easy. Not quite.

"He didn't appear fatigued. Don't tell that to the players.

"UCF didn't know about his medical condition. Turns out it did.

"O'Leary is mad at the Sentinel. At least that one is true."

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