Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Of The Stairs

If there is a stairway to heaven, it might well be in Blacksburg.

Welcome to Top of the Stairs, located just a short distance from Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium. Some locals actually consider this establishment — affectionately known as TOTS — as the town square. The joint, which opened in 1978, gets high marks for pulled pork sandwiches and live music. It also features a bitchin' outdoor deck.

We asked the head Hokie, Ryan of Gobbler Country, to give us a review:

"It's always packed. Good mix of students and alumni. Typically it will overflow from the bar area to the deck, especially after wins. I've never tried to get food on gamedays, which from appearances looks to be a pain. But it doesn't take long to get a drink. Bar staff is very quick.
"It can get a little crowded inside, especially later in the season when the temperatures fall in Blacksburg, so I usually brave the elements on the deck. After a couple of Rails, you don't notice how cold it is.

"I've never had a bad time there. For me, it's the place to go before a Hokie game if I'm not tailgating. Navigating down the stairs after getting over-served at TOTS can be a challenge, but it's well worth the risk."

Again, reviews are few and far between for TOTS, so if you've been there and have an opinion, we'd love to hear about it.

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Anonymous said...

During the fall on Thursdays-Saturdays for gameweeks the place is packed and a good way to catch up with old friends if your an alumni and hang with your crew before or after the game. During the week however the student body is predominantly fraternity and sorority so be forewarned if that isn't your cup of tea. While at school we called it Top of the Frat, but they have a ton of bands indoors and outdoors which is a fun place to take in some music.

Anonymous said...

Food is actually fantastic - great to go there early, grab a spot with some pitchers, enjoy the weather and stick around till night time. Don't serve the Rail size that originally provided many a fun night, but the little version still does the job.

Brit said...

nothing beats the back bar there... aka biglaaaaaaaaaa's bar circa 2005.


Anonymous said...

Tots was like my second home my senior year at Tech. There was nowhere I'd rather be on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday night. I miss Tots like a long lost freind. Getting misty-eyed just thinking of it now...

BlackOutKing said...

In 2003-2004 TOTS was my primary home. I would call it my second home, but I ran the numbers and I spent greater than 50% of my hours(awake or in heavy blackout, but still functioning physically) in this fine establishment, making it my primary location. There was a bartender there, who I will refer to as Mr. Anonymous. Mr. Anonymous served myself and a select few deserving patrons unlimited free alcohol, generally in the form of something we call SHOTS. I have drank more shots in that bar than Hillary Clinton has followers. I would have to say TOTS probably realized their greatest financial losses in the 2003-04 season in their entire existence. We have also successfully banged on the metal ceilings so hard, demanding yet another SHOT, that there has been rumor you could hear our raucous in Lane Stadium. Note, this was a small price to pay for the presence of such a solid group of individuals spending the better part of their lives dedicated to such strongholds as "the back bar" and "Biglaaa's Bar". So for all those who have never visited the Best College Football town in the nation, with the Best Game Day Bar in the nation, then I encourage all to travel to the wonderful town of Blacksburg, Virginia, and take several SHOTS at TOTS.

dopeboymajic said...

I have wet-dreams nowadays thinking that I'm back at TOTS circa 2004, it was that good...Tuesday night was probably TOTS best days. It's like the VIP Thursday crowd, minus the geeks. Add in the fact that "Biglaaaah's bar" was open on tuesday and you had an endless river of shots and stiff ass cocktails to go with one helluva wednesday morning hangover...At first I thought you couldn't get any better than a Rail, but then you add some Red Bull to it, and it was like the Holy Grail of Alcholic Drinks. So much alcohol to make you wobbly, but then there is the RB to bring you back!....Gaaaaat Damn I miss college!!!