Friday, June 20, 2008

Reporters' Notebooks

Jared Janes, Baton Rouge Advocate: The Baton Rouge police department has released surveillance tapes showing the Oct. 26 fight outside the Varsity that led to the benching of former quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. Thanks to Get The Picture.

Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune: Notre Dame and NBC extended their TV deal from 2011 to 2015. “This is just a great day for Notre Dame,” puffed Notre Dame president Rev. John Jenkins.

Chip Brown, Dallas Morning News: Texas Tech's Mike Leach says basketball coach Pat Knight gave him a 6-foot pirate. "It's got a motion sensor, so the cleaning lady will come through my office at night when the place is dark. She opens the door, his eyes light up, his head moves and starts talking. She's had a number of unnerving experiences with the pirate."

Oklahoman: ESPN "SportsCenter" anchor John Anderson and his wife, Tamara, are Oklahoma State season ticket holders.

Ray Ratto, San Francisco Chronicle: A judge's ruling that California's long-delayed athletic training center is sort of legal and sort of not largely advances the legal notion that there really is something called "semi-pregnant."

Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle: The Texas Bowl will be played on Dec. 30, two days later than in previous years. Officials eventually hope to play the game on Jan. 1.

Jeff Rabjohns, Indianapolis Star: Indiana will replace the AstroPlay playing surface at Memorial Stadium. It was was damaged in a series of storms earlier this month.

Associated Press: Troubled Washington State safety Xavier Hicks has been ticketed for driving with a suspended license as he was driving home from jail.

Jason Riley, Louisville Courier-Journal: A charge of driving under the influence against Louisville's JaJuan Spillman was dismissed by a district court judge, but the receiver pleaded guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Ian R. Rapoport, Birmingham News: Alabama cornerback Lionel Mitchell, who started 10 games over two seasons, has ended his playing career because of back problems.

Kevin Donahue, FanBlogs: Louisiana Tech has unveiled new logos.

The Big Lead: Sports journalists' salaries, in two takes. Here and here.

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