Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coke Deal Outside Tide Football Complex?

Former Alabama linebacker Jimmy Johns, who is facing felony charges for selling cocaine to undercover agents, allegedly conducted one of the five transactions in the parking lot of the Crimson Tide's football complex.

According to documents, all of the transactions involving Johns were either videotaped or audiotaped. On three occasions, both were used. A search of Johns' residence also turned up ecstasy pills, according to police.

Johns also had a side business as a breeder of pit bulls. Officials say he violated NCAA rules this spring by allowing his image to be used on a website promoting the breeding and purchasing of pit bulls. Johns' email address was left as a contact.

Nick Saban gave Johns the boot after learning of the linebacker's arrest.

While Auburn fans are having their fun with the Crimson Tide's latest mess, former Tiger coach Terry Bowden is defending Saban, saying the Alabama coach might have had no choice but to back Johns.

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