Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alabama: 45th in Education

With apologies, here's an interview with Alabama fanatic Donnie Ingram. We have Losers With Socks to blame for this.


Tommy said...

Wow, leave it to a war chicken to walk into such a target-rich environment and come up empty. What a spectacularly unfunny segment.

Anonymous said...

tommy, I question your sense of humor. That was one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while.

Tommy said...

The concept was funny, albeit a blatant steal from the Daily Show format of snarky interviews with unaware idiots. The execution was cringe-inducing. At least the redneck was entertaining; the interviewer just came off like a douche. If he'd had the stones to drop a "War Eagle" in that guy's basement, then I could at least give him a few props.

In fairness, most Alabama-Auburn things (particularly on the internet) reek of pissing matches amongst 12-year-olds, so the task of making this funny was nearly impossible. So I guess I applaud the guy for trying. But still, FAIL.