Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rich Rod Wanted Wife to Write Features

More goodies from Rich Rodriguez's deposition, thanks to the efforts of Mark Snyder of the Detroit Free Press.

Rich Rod said he planned an expansion of his website at West Virginia to provide "inside information" as a fundraiser for projects that were not getting the support that the coach wanted. The idea appeared similar to Dennis Franchione's VIP Connections newsletter, which paved the way for Fran's ouster at Texas A&M.

Rich Rod wanted to charge $90 a year for the inside information, which would have included goodies such as human interest features written by his wife, Rita.

The coach also dodged repeated attempts to find out if someone from Michigan would fork over the $4 million to West Virginia if Rich Rod were to lose the lawsuit. Rodriguez was instructed not to answer those questions by his attorney, Marv Robon.


Anonymous said...

After that pic you now know why he cheated on her.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to hear any further evidence pointing towards how much of an asshole Rich is, or is this sufficient for Michigan fans?

Enjoy your smoking winged helmet for the 2009 football entrance. Will the alumni be taking bids on that Go Blue banner, assuming it will be put up for auction after Rich does away with it?

Anonymous said...

"After that pic you now know why he cheated on her."

Wow. I feel like much less of a wench now that I see I'm not the only person who thought that