Friday, May 02, 2008

Perrilloux Given the Boot for Good by Miles

Ryan Perrilloux's career at Louisiana State has come to an end.

The quarterback was kicked off the team Friday by coach Les Miles, who issued a four-paragraph statement saying the troubled player "was given every opportunity to be part of this football team. In the end, he didn't fulfill his obligation as an LSU student-athlete."

Perrilloux's time at Baton Rouge was marked by a series of incidents that led to runs-ins with police and three suspensions from the team. He missed all of spring drills after a suspension believed to be for missed classes and team meetings.

But he was reinstated and joined his teammates for a trip to the White House, where the Tigers were honored for winning the national championship. The reinstatement came amid reports that Perrilloux had been involved in an incident at a bar-restaurant and that Miles had called the establishment to apologize for his player's behavior.

Perrilloux's departure leaves LSU with Andrew Hatch, a walk-on transfer from Harvard, and Jarrett Lee, a redshirt freshman, as the top quarterbacks.

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Johnny Utah said...

what a dope. talent without discipline never gets you past a few semesters.