Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Arkansas, Kentucky Also Called Rich Rod

Some juicy tidbits were made public Tuesday with the release of Rich Rodriguez's deposition in the lawsuit brought against the Michigan coach by his former employer, West Virginia.

The lengthy document, which you can review by clicking here, makes note of a conversation Rodriguez had on Dec. 11 with Arkansas about its opening. Rich Rod dismissed the school after a brief phone conversation.

There is also mention of his rejection of Alabama in December 2006 and an earlier conversation he had with Kentucky.

Previously, it was thought Rich Rod's first contact with Michigan came during a face-to-face meeting on Dec. 14 in Toledo. But according to the coach, Wolverine athletic director Bill Martin was in the Toledo area on Dec. 12 to meet with Rodriguez's financial adviser, Mike Wilcox.

Rich Rod also talked about his call to Terrelle Pryor on Dec. 16 to tell the prep quarterback that he was taking the Michigan job. Rodriguez said the call was actually placed by Tony Gibson, his recruiting coordinator, and that he got on the phone "two minutes before the team." Rodriguez said the call was made on behalf of West Virginia and that it wasn't a recruiting call for Michigan.

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