Monday, April 07, 2008

Rita Rodriguez Stands by Her Man

Rita Rodriguez, the wife of Rich Rod, has a message for West Virginia fans:

"Rich is a hard worker. He's worked his whole life to get where he's been. It amazes me that the state of West Virginia cannot be proud of a man from this state who is now the head football coach at Michigan. What an accomplishment."

Rita gave an interview to Rivals (you have to be a premium member to access that link), but didn't take long for excerpts to snake through the Internet.

"It was only 11 years ago that he was the head coach at Glenville State College. If you would have told someone back then that in 11 years he'd be offered the Alabama job and then the Michigan job, no one would have ever believed that.

"It's such a great story. Why do we want to tear that down? Why do we want to tear down all the great things that have happened with West Virginia football?"


WVUGrad1997 said...

Good for him. Pay the 4 million you owe and never come back. Good Luck at UM.

Anonymous said...

Rita's face looks like a baseball glove with eyes and a wig.

Anonymous said...

Is that thing alive?