Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Miami Says Nebraska Omaha's 'O' Should Go

Do these helmet designs look alike or similar in any way? Nebraska Omaha's "O" has caught the attention of Miami officials, who say the logo is too similar to the Hurricanes' copyrighted "U".

"No legal paperwork has been filed by either side," Nebraska Omaha Athletic Director David Miller said. "They've raised the concern that they view our logo as being similar to theirs. We see it differently."


gerry dorsey said...

this is abslutely ridiculous. i can think of about 25 teams that would have a beef before this one. it would be different if if was at least the same letter.

TexasHawkeye said...

So this is what life without a stadium will do to you. Interesting.

Brian McCormack said...

Oregon would have a better claim. The U has plenty of time on there hands now that they are in the competitive ACC.