Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Leave Matty Alone! He's a Human Being!

It didn't take long for the first Matt Leinart fark to appear. The Dirty, which first posted images of the Saturday night festivities at Casa Leinart, also posted this edited image from the evening.

While this might be considered normal activity on the USC campus, Leinart's partying activities have caught the attention of Arizona Cardinal coach Ken Whisenhunt, who said he's "disappointed" in his quarterback.

"Matt called me Monday morning and we spoke for a while," Whisenhunt said in a statement. "I reiterated to him the type of behavior that we expect at all times from our players. ... It's being handled internally."

Not everybody is down on poor Matty. East Valley Tribune columnist Scott Bordow writes: "I guess I’m supposed to be upset that he's not sitting at home, studying his playbook and watching film of the Seahawks defense. Well, I'm not.

"What Leinart does in his private life — as long as he doesn't break the law — is none of my business. Now, if it’s proven that he was supplying underage girls with alcohol, that's another matter completely. And one the police should look into.

"But let's not pretend Leinart is the only single, millionaire athlete who chases women on a weekend night. In fact, I can guarantee you many of Leinart's teammates are doing the exact same thing. If not worse."

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Anonymous said...

That's an INCREDIBLY edited photo, as the real photo shows the girl about 2 feet away clutching the tube end of a beer bong Matt is holding up. You can even see the tube in the left corner of the photo.