Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A-Day at Auburn

A gorgeous afternoon with temperatures in the 70s. Coeds, cheerleaders, the band. Welcome to Auburn's spring game.
A estimated crowd of 35,000 watched the Tigers work out the kinks in their new spread offense. These photos were sent to us by reader Greg and we thank him for his efforts.
Although this little Tiger wasn't impressed, coach Tommy Tuberville was talking it up afterward. He said that "nobody in our conference does [the spread offense] the way we do it," and promised, "We're going to throw the football quite a bit next year."

The usual assortment of Southern beauties were on hand to watch the Tigers emerge from the tunnel.

Auburn plays five of its first seven games at home, including the opener against Louisiana Monroe on Aug. 30.
There's always one in the crowd. Have to feel sorry for the guy trying to watch the game.
The Tigers' quarterback situation remains unsettled. Kobi Burns and Chris Todd are battling it out, with Burns said to have the arm and Todd the running ability.
The beauty of spring games is being able to escape from the upper deck and sit in a seat you couldn't come close to affording during the regular season.
Auburn's cheerleaders already have that cutesy knee-bend down for group photos.
As always, we welcome your contributions. If you're going to a spring game and want to share the experience with our audience, send your photos and snarky comments to dawizofodds (at) aol.com.

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