Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tuscaloosa Police Targeting Black Players?

Alabama, like many teams, has had its share of trouble with cops this offseason, but are the Tuscaloosa police purposely looking to arrest Nick Saban's players — specifically, his black players?

Most of the arrests have taken place at The Strip and The Legacy bar. Writes Christopher Walsh of the Tuscaloosa News:

"There’s a growing perception and concern in the community as a whole and among students that black athletes are being targeted along the off-campus district, whether it’s true or not."

Later, he writes: "Granted, any football player, black or white, is going to be noticed and singled out in any Tuscaloosa establishment, and, you know the old saying about how nothing good ever happens after midnight, especially when alcohol is involved.

"Yes, they all could have been smarter, but what sparked each incident wasn't much different from what one might see on any night in any town: A dispute over the dress code, a guy essentially trash-talking in the street, an incident that originated with someone else. ... So we’re left with five arrests, none of the offenders white, and, like head coach Nick Saban, pondering the possibilities. How can he, and we, not?"


greg6363 said...

This topic is getting a lot of attention on the Birmingham stations. In the long run, this atmosphere WILL affect Saban's ability to get players to come to Tuscaloosa.

Anonymous said...

That column was a load of bullshit. More Alabama fan and media delusion. Of course, the Alabama players are perfect and never at fault. It's just those evil cops out to get them. Fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

More than 80% of the Alabama roster is black. So five black kids are arrested and it's a racial conspiracy? Ahhhhh, I need more evidence.