Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey Tony, Here's Something to Chew On!

We'll post anything Rutgers-related in order to run an image of Tony Soprano patrolling the Scarlet Knight sideline.

Last week, we told you about Rutgers planning to try the Pure Power Mouthguard, which promises to safely reproduce some of the effects of steroids and the human growth hormone. The manufacturer says the device aligns an athlete's jaw properly by using bilateral electrical stimulation and relaxes face muscles, allowing the rest of the body to work more effectively.

OK then, what do the medical experts at Steroid Nation have to say about the mouthpiece? Not much:

"The claim of lower jaw alignment producing improved balance and increased upper body strength? Come on, this is 2008. Perhaps proper lower jaw alignment will decrease headaches, or allow you to chew properly. But increased upper body strength? Bite us."

And this:

"Right about now Rutgers should be looking at their graduation rolls. Someone slipped by without taking a science course. Of course mouthguards are important to prevent dental and facial injuries. ... But these claims of enhanced performance? Let's hope no one bites on that claim."

A person claiming to be Anil Makkar, the inventor of the Pure Power Mouthguard, posted a message on the site after several readers poked fun at claims of increased athletic performance. Here is that post:

"I love these comments, because we get these kind of comments every time we fit a pro athlete, and then when they experience the results, they do not want to tell anybody, because they want to keep it a secret to themselves.

"Everybody loves the Edge. It is easy to criticize a product when you have never tried it, but I challenge you to get one and notice the results. If you do not notice the difference, I will personally refund your money."


Knute Bryant said...

I'm going to start selling wool socks as energy socks.

you know they're working when you start feeling the heat. the sweat means you've reached your maximum potential

G said...

Ask Mr. Makkur for the double blind, controlled studies of performance enhancement.

Anonymous said...

I love this stupid tool that runs this pathetic site

It will be quite embarassing for you when the favourable studies come out in July. For all of you reading the comments HE TOOK THE PRESS RELEASE THE COMPANY RELEASED AND DOCTURED IT. Added his own comments and posted on his site

Furthermore Josh Brown is not on the pay roll
He tried the appliance just like every other athlete and he mentioned to the reporter that he experienced an increase of 25 lbs on his bench press including increased repetitions

I can see 2 or 3 lbs but 25 lbs
COme on

He has a reputation to keep as well
you know and no he is not on the payroll

Patience everyone the study is due to be release in July

BUt I guess at this time the WIZARD OF UNDER WATER FIRE PREVENTION will probably critique the study

Bring it on

Anonymous said...

This is quite the conversation piece

At first I have doubts of a mouthguard claiming to safely replicate the effects of HGH and Steroigs. So I went to their site
Their press although mostly all canadian but national news casts have interviewed ahltetes and the owners

WHat it seems is everyone that has tried one agrees it does help them tremendously

Maybe the Canadians have something here

I will give them that they do have Medicare Hockey and they also invented the robot arm on our Space SHuttle

J.D. said...

I don't think that's very fair. Wizard wasn't even being critical of the mouthpiece. His post has a neutral tone and just reporting on what others are saying.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and the media isn't one sided in the democratic leadership race


JD I wear a Pure Power Mouthguard and trust me its not BULL
Furthermore the wizard didn't dig up the positve double blind studies already conducted that prove mandibular repositioning does improve strength
29% increase to be exact
It was conducted by Tufts University. I think there affiliated with a little known University named HARVARD

The Wizard should present both sides before stating an opinion

Wizard next time why dont you report both sides of the equation


Anonymous said...

Commentators offer no study to prove the rather ridiculous contention that mandibular repositioning affects strength or athletic performance. Give us the reference to support these dubious claims that have been around for about 30 years.

Oh yeah, how about some negative studies:

Occlusal splints (MORA) vs. placebos show no difference in strength in symptomatic subjects: double blind/cross-over study.
Can J Appl Sport Sci. 1984 Sep;9(3):148-52.

Effect of a mandibular orthopedic repositioning appliance on muscular strength.
J Am Dent Assoc. 1984 Mar;108(3):331-3

The relationship between jaw posture and muscular strength in sports dentistry: a reappraisal.
Cranio. 1996 Oct;14(4):320-5.

"Lawsuit" That's funny......

Anonymous said...

I dont think the mouthguard helps, but when u think to yourself that it does then the phsycological thing comes into play. If you think you can do something better (which the mouthguard makes you do) then it actually helps