Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saban Gone, Certainly Not Forgotten at LSU

This should be the best of times at Louisiana State, with the Tigers basking in the glow of a national championship. But Paul Finebaum of the Mobile Press-Register writes that LSU fans remain hung up on Nick Saban.

Finebaum points to LSU boosting Les Miles' salary to $3.751 million, $1,000 more than Alabama's Saban. Writes Finebaum:

"Nobody over in Louisiana cares about Saban, right? It sounds more like being on the schoolyard in third grade when some kid pushes another, saying: 'My daddy can beat up your daddy.' How petty."

He adds:

"Why can't they embrace Miles? Perhaps the fact he desperately wanted out to leave for Michigan — that is until the story blew up on ESPN — might have something to do with the uneasiness and insecurity.

"Since taking over Saban's recruits, Miles is 34-6 and has finished No. 5, 3 and 1 in the final AP poll.

"Understandably, LSU fans are still obsessed with Saban and queasy with Miles.

"LSU fans may still yearn for the day when Saban roamed the sidelines. They remain embarrassed about Miles — even with the national title — like family members regard the crazy uncle stowed away in the attic.

"Don't forget people: Les Miles makes $1,000 more than Saban. Ain't it great to be on top?

"Nick Saban has been gone nearly four years. When will LSU fans get a life?"


Anonymous said...

Miles had a clause in his contract that if he won a NC he would be at least the 3rd highest paid coach. Weiss and Carrol are #1 and #2, Saban was #3. LSU bumped Miles just over the #3 coach.

Paul Finebaum is the only one obsessed with Saban.

Anonymous said...

That comment about the 25,000 people who showed up to celebrate? Heck, why show up a second time when everyone was already in New Orleans for the actual event. Puh-leeze. This is nothing but red meat to try to erase the fact the Tide lost to La-Monroe.

Bruce said...

Last I checked, the LSU Fans have a pretty good life. They are the best College Football Program in America with a loyal coach that isn't threatening to leave each year. They are building, what looks to be, the highest quality recruiting class in the nation. And, as typically so, they are the most passionate fans in all of sports (not just CFB). The villain in all of this is Nick Saban. He left the best job in the world for green grass. When the green grass turned out to be astro turf, he bailed and landed in godforsaken Tuscaloosa. Well, now that Saban is being exposed for being no more than a regular "Joe", that isn't that great of a coach, and Finebaun looks like an idiot for going out on a limb and saying the opposite, we get this sour grape article to ease his pain.

Well, just for the record, you still look like an idiot, Finebaum, and Nick Saban is still an average coach that needs more talent and depth to win games. The NFL proved that quite clearly.

Anonymous said...

We remember all our coaches. It's the Finebaum's that are obsessed! It may be the fact he can't repeat what he did at LSU in Gump Land.