Friday, February 08, 2008

What They Really Mean

Confused with all the post-signing rhetoric? Don't be alarmed. Terry Frei of the Denver Post is here to translate. A couple of examples to get you started:

When a coach says: "We like his upside."

He often means: "If he doesn't get any better, we can just run him off." Or: "His younger brother already is a stud." Or: "Geez, somebody's got to be on the scout team."

When a coach says: "There were some academic issues involved in some of our decisions, too."

He really means: "You want me to beat those guys from the Southeastern Conference? It might help if I got as much help from the registrar's office and the faculty as they do! Half the guys who signed with SEC programs couldn't even get into school here and we ain't exactly Harvard!"

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Anonymous said...

The Nance shot is great on so many levels.