Monday, February 11, 2008

This Recruit Didn't Get Faked Out

More strangeness from the recruiting trail. Willie Mobley, a defensive lineman from Eden Prairie, Minn., committed to Ohio State in November, but as you can guess, the pressure continued from other schools.

Then in January, Mobley went to the mailbox and found a letter on Ohio State letterhead, postmarked in Columbus and allegedly signed by Jim Tressel, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The letter informed Mobley that his Ohio State scholarship offer was being withdrawn and wished him luck wherever he ended up.

Mobley sensed something wasn't right and called Tressel. "He told me a whole bunch of stories about these letters going around, that [quarterback recruit] Terrelle [Pryor] got one, too."

Another similar letter arrived at the Mobley household last Wednesday, signing day.

"I looked at them like, 'What the heck? This is fake,' " Mobley said. "There were all these misspellings, and you couldn't even read the signature, it was like, 'Jim, scribble-scribble.' "


Anonymous said...

The kid didn't get faked out --- only, however, if you exclude the fact that he signed with Ohio State.

Go Blue!

Purdue Matt said...

It was probably from Urban Meyer.

Anonymous said...

It was probably DickRod from Michigan. Everyone knows he's dirty.