Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rich Rod, It's a Crying Shame

In case you missed it, Rich Rodriguez did an interview over the weekend with the Worldwide Leader. He breaks down at one point while talking about his kids.

Rich Rod has another reason to shed a tear. A judge ruled that the lawsuit over the $4 million buyout clause in his contract with West Virginia will be heard in state court. Rich Rod's chances of winning just decreased about 90%.


Anonymous said...

Just to update everyone Rich was in WV as of last week and was spotted at his kid's youth league basketball game. His wife and kids still live in Morgantown, and to date local officials have yet to recieve any notification about the harassment Rich's family or the families of his staff (who are also living in the area) are supposedly recieving (outside of a busted mailbox and some highschool kids acting like...well, highschool kids).

He also has yet to sign his contract with Michigan.

Chris said...


aren't all pranks and crap like that looked at as "high school kids?"

you can't just disregard it as high school stuff, when it is clearly not high school kids doing this mess.

WVUgrad1997 said...

Have yet to see one police report.

Cause it NEVER happened. RRod has quite a PR rep working for him to put together these stories

Chris said...

Chief Quimby, err, wvugrad97,

thanks for the update!!

wvugrad1997 said...

C'mon Chris, it's Mayor Quimby or Chief Wiggum!!

Which am I? I'm hoping for Mayor Quimby