Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Happens Before the Game?

Here are two videos giving a behind-the-scenes look at USC's Pete Carroll before the Rose Bowl. USC Rips It, a site operated by school's football office, put the videos together. They are trailers for a DVD incorporating all segments of the game that officials are planning to sell. Thanks to All Things Trojan.

Update: The videos have been pulled from YouTube and, according to All Things Trojan, are now viewable at USC We're still looking for a direct link.

Update II: Embeding has been disabled. Here are the direct links for the top video and bottom video.


boz said...

2 things from the first video.

1.) Corso has a good looking wife t be her age.

2.)Keyshwan makes more on tv than he did with Miami.

1 thing from the 2nd video.

1.) the head ref coming in to tell Carroll he was an old Jets fan.

this is the kind of stuff we as football fans like to see. give us more!!!

Lou said...

Pete is the man.