Monday, January 21, 2008

Racial Divide

The nation honors Martin Luther King on Monday and sadly, racism is alive and well in America. Strong language warning. Thanks to Deadspin.


Mike D said...

It wasn't a surprise these were LSU fans (the worst in the country).

But, one guy has some good points. It is important to break a cycle of underachievement in any segment of our population, regardeless of race. Unfortunately, that cannot be forced upon people.

Disturbing is that the racist remarks came from young people. It is easy to pass off such ideas as being those of an older generation that grew up in a different time of segregation. But to hear this from the young does not bode well for our society.

Bruce said...

As someone who moved to the South and moved back within 18 months I find these comments sadly not surprising. There is a large segment of society still fighting the Civil War down south.

Stay Classy LSU.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people make comments without considering both sides of an issue. It is one thing if you are given a normal family life, 2 parent income, home in the suburbs, proper educational system, college tuition, fraternities to hire after graduation. But what if you start taking some of those gifts off? It becomes that much more difficult. No add to the the viscious cycle of generation after generation not having that. People fail to realize we are only one generation removed from the civil rights era.

Give it 200 years to play catch up and then see where people stand.

And to people who look down on homeless people because they don't have a job. I challenge anyone to go one day without a shower, a proper meal, a bed to sleep in, and then take a look in the mirror. How far removed are they from you? Oh they should go get a job. And what address do they put on the application? What's their primary point of contact?

Anonymous said...

To break the cycle of poverty one must be willing to get a job and get off the welfare. Sadly there is a segment of the population who refuses to do this. As a daughter of an immigrant who worked hard, bought a home, put two daughters through college and continues to be a productive member of (along with the rest of my immigrant family) I have limited patience with those who say they can't break the cycle because of lack of opportunities. That's crap. It's due to a lack of effort and hard work.