Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missouri Bill Targets Kansas Mascot

A Missouri senator has introduced legislation proposing that the state's official game bird be changed from the bobwhite quail to the Kansas Jayhawk, pictured with Fox's Chris Rose earlier this month at the Orange Bowl.

If approved, it would be legal to hunt the Kansas Jayhawk, a mythical creature, in the state of Missouri.

Dan Clemens, a Republican senator from Marshfield and alum of Missouri, says his bill is a satirical way to highlight the Tigers' 36-28 victory over Kansas last fall. Former Jayhawk football coach Don Fambrough does not see the humor in Clemens' bill.

"They're not very nice people to start with," he said. "As long as I've been here, I could tell you a list of things like this they've done over the years."

Fambrough has his own proposal: "I’m going to recommend that our people make the Tiger our most wanted. I have no love for those people."

Thanks to TV Tan Line.


Anonymous said...

Kansans are a bunch of punk bitches. I think that Fambrough should rethink hunting Tigers, they're endangered. Now Jayhawks, they are not. They would have to be loved before they can be endangered, and NO ONE loves a Jayhawk.

Anonymous said...