Saturday, January 19, 2008

Leave Rich Rodriguez Alone!

At least somebody has a sense of humor in the Rich Rodriguez-West Virginia mess. This is Jim Dierwechter, a West Virginia graduate and owner of the fan store WV Game Day. "Everybody has their own form of therapy," he said. "I guess this is mine."


boz said...

I'm firmly convinced any other coach, including my guy Butchy, could rape, murder and plunge another and not get top billing b/c of RR!!!

jimmyl said...

LOL,,,Lets match these two up!

Anonymous said...

That'll be 4 million, or do you think WVU should ignore the money they are legally entitled to?

For all the smear and 'harassment' Rich has undergone his family is still in WV and his kids are still enrolled in the same school. Does he not care enough to relocate them, or was he telling the truth?