Friday, January 25, 2008

Cushing's Gay Infatuation?

Thanks to Boi From Troy, we have this picture of USC linebacker Brian Cushing from his 19th birthday celebration.

Cushing is finally of legal drinking age, having turned 21 this week. As Boi points out, Cushing can finally raise a toast to his Rose Bowl defensive MVP award.

Another bit of interesting news from USC. Defensive back Mozique McCurtis, who was victimized by Stanford receiver Mark Bradford for the winning touchdown reception in the Cardinals' 24-23 victory over the Trojans, reportedly is no longer a member of the team.

The Los Angeles Times reports that McCurtis, who has a year of eligibility remaining, will not play next season so he can prepare to pursue admission to law school.

Tough business, this college football. ...


tornados28 said...

Touchdown for the Trojans. The nations number one quarterback prospect recently announce he will sign with USC. Yeah, UCLA got Norm Chow but he can't throw touchdowns. The USC domi-Nation continues.

boz said...

what domination?? you have 1 NC since the 70's!!??

Anonymous said...

Actually the have TWO NC's this decade. The BCS is a joke anyway. They have been one of the top 3-4 teams every year since 2002, that is DOMINATION my friend!