Thursday, January 10, 2008

Booster Offered $100,000 for Coach's Firing

A disgruntled Washington booster offered $100,000 to university president Mark Emmert six weeks ago if Emmert would fire coach Tyrone Willingham, the Seattle Times reports.

The booster was identified as multimillionaire attorney Ed Hansen, a Washington alum and former three-term mayor of Everett, which is located north or Seattle.

Hansen also asked for the termination of Todd Turner as athletic director in an email, which was among 1,000 or so the newspaper received under a public records request.

Turner has announced his resignation, effective Jan. 31.

When it was announced on Dec. 5 that Willingham would be the coach in 2008, not all fans agreed. One wrote: "Today is the single worst day I have ever experienced as a Husky. My hope is gone, and that is truly sad. I am 24 ... ."

Although most of the emails were critical of Willingham, some were supportive, including one from Seattle Seahawk running back Shaun Alexander: "I want to tell you how pleased I am with the direction of the program and the character of the guys Ty has been bringing in."

Former Seahawk quarterback Jeff Kemp also wrote to support Willingham: "This man has changed lives and the reputation of UW football player culture [of which there were too many sad embarrassments before]. He is building a foundation, and winning will result."

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Anonymous said...

Is Willingham following the Croom model?

boz said...

what does shaun alexander (Univ of Alabama) have to do with U Dub!?

would he have stood up and said these things if the coach was any color but black?

not sure where Kemp went to school cause hes much older than I. but if he did not go to school there, his comments should not be relevant either. something tells me he went to school at Washington or the comment would not have been made concerning him.

I don't know how I feel bout Ty but I do know he doesn't put up immediate success. thats what I do know.

fife53 said...

ty is a terrible coach. after the ND fiasco and what is going to happen at UW (he will be fired during/after next season) i doubt there is a school that will touch him.

Rob said...

Setting aside the question of whether or not Ty should have been retained, I really applaud UW & the Seattle Times for digging this stuff up. This particular booster is a total douchebag - he deserves all the embarrasment he's going to get from trying to bribe a public university - especially charming that he's a member of the bar & a former mayor of a major Seattle suburb. What an assclown.

The sooner these knuckleheads are shamed into shutting the hell up, the better.

Jesse said...

1. fewer law school scholarships = fewer lawyers

2. what does the football program have to do with the law school???

greg6363 said...

Boz, Jeff Kemp is a Dartmouth grad.

Anonymous said...

$100,000?! Reminds me of the scene from the first Austin Powers where everyone laughs at Dr. Evil for demanding an outdated sum. $100,000 probably wouldn't cover the amount paid to the next coach for going on a summer booster tour.

Anonymous said...

Everett is hardly a Seattle suburb. Geesh.

Anonymous said...

Ty hasn't done much so far, and if he has another bad year i believe the huskies should go after lloyd carr