Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back-to-Back Heismans? No Chance, Tebow

The authority on all things Heisman, the Heisman Pundit, has just posted his top 10 candidates for the 2008 trophy and missing from his list is the 2007 winner, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Writes the Pundit: "It's not that Tebow can't finish as high as No. 2 in next year's Heisman, it's just that he can't win it. Heismandment No. 9 says no more two-time winners and I am confident it will apply here to Tebow. As it stands, there is already talk from Urban Meyer of heading to a two-quarterback system.

"Tebow may still be the best player in college football next year, but his stats may not come close to what he did this year and that's one reason why — Tebow fatigue being another — he won't win the Heisman."

Pundit's clear front-runner is Ohio State's Chris Wells, who showcased "his skills to the tune of 146 yards and a 65-yard touchdown against LSU that came while everyone in the country was still watching. He's got speed, power and a stiff arm befitting a Heisman winner."

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