Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rodriguez Playing the Money Game?

Quite a performance by West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez on Saturday, a day after meeting for six hours in Toledo with Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman and athletic director Bill Martin.

Rodriguez appeared at a scheduled news conference to discuss the Mountaineers' trip to the Fiesta Bowl and was peppered with questions about his interest in Michigan.

"It may be disappointing to you, but I am not going to talk about any rumors or innuendo or jobs or what else is floating out there," Rodriguez said. Nonetheless, the questions continued.

"You all have not understood what I just said. One more question and this conference, unfortunately, and you all have been super, but if the questions persist outside of that then this thing will be over," he said.

A reporter then asked whether Rodriguez would coach the team in the Fiesta Bowl. "You're a tricky guy," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez played footsie last year with Alabama, then agreed to stay in Morgantown after officials bent over backward to keep the coach. Some are getting tired of his act.

Writes Mitch Vingle of Sunday Gazette-Mail:

"Loads of people in the Mountain State were recalling Rodriguez’s words when he turned down the Crimson Tide. 'When the details [of the new contract with WVU] come out, you’ll see that I’m committed to West Virginia University for a very, very long time,' said the coach at the time. Yet last Friday he was in Toledo, Ohio, discussing an offer with UM."

Things could get resolved rather quickly, especially if West Virginia puts more money on the table. Rodriguez made $1.8 million this season, which is a bargain these days. David Cutcliffe, for example, just got a deal worth $1.5 million at Duke, considered to be the bottom of the barrel in college football. Michigan is expecting to pay up to $2.5 million for a coach and would have to cover a buyout of $4 million to secure Rodriguez.

Thanks to Kevin of We Are Penn State.


Andrew said...

The first one to say he was going to UM was Pryor, the top QB recruit in the country. That tells you something about RRod's character right there. He needs to come out and explain himself.

Andrew said...

So, since he is not finishing the season out does that make him as bad as Petrino?