Saturday, December 01, 2007

Miles Out of the Running at Michigan

Les Miles will not be Michigan's next coach. He has agreed to a multi-year extension, which he has yet to sign, to remain at Louisiana State.

Miles angrily denounced an earlier ESPN report — by Kirk Herbstreit — that he was going to take the Michigan job.

After Michigan asked for and received permission earlier in the week to talk with Miles, LSU summoned George Bass, the coach's Dallas-based agent, to Baton Rouge. It was reported that LSU was prepared to offer Miles a deal in the $3.5 million a year range, a significant bump from his current deal of $1.8 million. Michigan was reportedly willing to go no higher than $3 million, so it's going to be interesting to see how much Miles will get under the new contract.

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We Are...Penn State said...

Les Miles' pre-SEC Championship Game quote about Michigan is pretty funny. Funny that he called the Buckeyes "Ohio" instead of "Ohio State" and funny he said Michigan "will eventually win that game." The latter is a clear dish on Lloyd Carr, with whom Miles has had a well-publicized feud.

"I will always root for the next head coach there," Miles said. "I will wear those colors when it comes down to the Ohio-Michigan game. I'm going to root and pull for the Blue, and they will eventually win that game."