Monday, December 17, 2007

June Jones' Remarkable Story

On Feb. 22, 2001, June Jones nearly left his life in the rubble of a black Lincoln Town Car. The Hawaii coach apparently fell asleep at the wheel, and his car veered toward a concrete pillar adjacent to the H-1 Freeway.

"They thought I was dead until I moaned," Jones said.

Jones was critically injured and only a week later did he awaken from a coma. "I didn't have that near-death experience that everybody talks about. I didn't see or hear anything," he said.

Jones recovered and his wacky four-receiver sets are now the rage. The former Hawaii quarterback, pictured bottom left in 1974, is preparing his 12-0 team for a Sugar Bowl matchup against Georgia. It's all part of the remarkable story of Hawaii football, a team that survived on a $50,000 recruiting budget and a coach whose salary is $800,016, half of which is raised through donations.

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Anonymous said...

June Jones recruits criminals. That's the untold story of UH football.