Friday, November 30, 2007

Navy's Prank of Pranks on Army

Army's successful prank of stealing Navy's mules, then posting the video on YouTube was nothing compared to what the Midshipmen pulled off in 1992, according to Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun.

Unlike the Navy's goats, unguarded on a farm 15 miles outside Annapolis, the Midshipmen decided to go after Army's mules, which are housed on school grounds in a veterinary compound with guards stationed at the gate and the barn.

The plan was hatched by the class of 1991 and executed in 1992. A group of 17 Midshipmen were involved, making several reconnaissance missions to West Point, posing as tourists to map out the area, snapping photos and shooting video. One of the Midshipmen was an electrical engineering major, and he visited West Point to study the alarm systems.

The story has many twists and turns, but Navy was able to pull it off in what is thought to be the only time Army's mules were stolen in the 117-year history of Army-Navy.

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