Thursday, November 08, 2007

The House That Boone Built

Reader Jeff sent several exceptional images from his trip last weekend to Stillwater for the Texas-Oklahoma State game, giving us a glimpse into how T. Boone Pickens is spending some of his gazillions to refurb his stadium.
The west end zone is being enclosed and won't be ready until 2008, but take note that we said west end zone. Yes, Oklahoma State's field runs east-west, unlike the traditional north-south configuration. This was done to avoid the strong prevailing winds. Next time you hear about a running back being a "north-south" runner, they must not be from Oklahoma State.
Not sure of the year of the make or year of the truck, but this is one sweet ride.
Pistol Pete was making the rounds and Jeff's 2-year-old son celebrated his second birthday by passing out in the stands.
Cowboy players make their way from the Student Union to the stadium two hours kickoff. Jeff also took exception to an Austin American-Statesman report we linked to Wednesday that quoted Texas coach Mack Brown as saying his players were pelted with bottles and other objects after the Longhorns rallied for a 38-35 victory. Writes Jeff:

"I never witnessed items tossed in the direction of the Longhorns or their fans. We sat on the southeast side of the stadium and were 20 rows up from where the Longhorns walked back into their locker room. We hung around for 15 minutes before exiting and I can say that OSU fans either got the hell out as fast as they could or just stood there in stunned silence."

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