Wednesday, November 07, 2007

He's No Big Dipper

Tennessee center Josh McNeil went on the offensive Tuesday after he became the center of attention following the Volunteers' 59-7 victory over Louisiana Lafayette.

McNeil, according to police, was questioned about a broken window at his apartment and three intoxicated women in his bed. In short, he had a lot of explaining to do, and he did it with a Mike Gundy-esque rant to clear his name. You can listen to McNeil's rant by clicking here.

McNeil wasn't charged with anything, and he doesn't appear — at least from the looks of him — to be Wilt Chamberlain material.

If a video exists, please let us know. We'd love to see the tears. Thanks to Bill!

1 comment:

Brady said...

Seriously, Tears? Really?

So he got drunk, broke his window and had a Foursome. What's the big deal?

The man should be applauded!!