Saturday, November 17, 2007

Columnist Starts Site to Defend Dorrell

Los Angeles Times columnist Kurt Streeter thinks that if UCLA fires Karl Dorrell, it's making a big mistake. And he has started a website stop the maddening crowd demanding that the school cut Dorrell loose. His site: Don't Dump Dorrell.

Streeter says his site "is a forum for discussion about the embattled coach. I'll post this column and respond to your reasoned arguments until we know his fate. I hope my final post will be hearty congratulations to the administration at UCLA for finding their coach of the future — the guy they have right now."

Thanks to Image of Sport.

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Anonymous said...

And why exactly Bruin fans should listen to a Cal alum telling us to keep the worst coach UCLA has had since WWII is a mystery. I also liked his liberal use of the race card to label the UCLA fanbase as a bunch of bigots. That isn't a website, it's attention whoring. Any self respecting writer wouldn't need such devices to make a name for himself.