Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cheap Shot?

Oregon State quarterback Sean Canfield suffered an injury to a shoulder on this play when hit by USC's Will Harris during a Nov. 3 game at the L.A. Coliseum. Canfield hasn't played since and his status for Saturday's Civil War game against Oregon has yet to be determined.

Our question: Is this a cheap shot? Harris does appear to be leading with his helmet, but Canfield was slow in getting down. The gang at the Oregon State fan site Building The Dam clearly believe this is a cheapie.


Anonymous said...

If you're gonna try to slide for an extra 5 yards, how is the D supposed to stop you? There's no good way to tackle someone who's a foot off the ground. Did Harris need to lead with the helmet? No, but he wasn't even flagged for that - he was flagged for the unsportsmanlike afterwards. Not cool, but not really that cheap either.

Bruce said...

QBs are trying to milk extra yards and then complain when they get hit. Beev fans need to admit their QB left himself exposed to that hit.

Anonymous said...

anonymous--the ball is spotted where the QB first hits the ground on the slide, not the point at which his slide ends. Hence, the reason (especially in the college game) to not hit a sliding QB. This is a total cheap shot, particularly since the defender led with his helmet.

Professor A-hole said...

The USC player was not running straight toward the OSU qb in a way he couldn't stop. If you look the USC player he slows down (alwmost stops) and starts coming toward him in a squat (not like he's going to hit him in the chest but instead take out his legs). When the qb began to slide that's when the USC player jumped toward the qb's head hitting him as he went done. There was plenty of time to stop and not hit him as he went done. But thanks to people like Ronni Lott hitting the qb when he slides is anticipated.

Anonymous said...

It appears that this is how USC is taught to hit QBs.

Note the defensive back is standing out of bounds when he unloads on Jake Locker.