Thursday, October 11, 2007

Zips' Winning TD Should Not Have Counted

It appears Akron got away with one when the Zips used a freakish punt return on the game's final play to defeat Western Michigan.

Bronco coach Bill Cubit said he has received an apology from Mid-American Conference coordinator of officials Carl Paganelli. The league said any reprimand of officials would be "an internal communication."

The Zips' Andre Jones scored on the final play, but there was clearly a block in the back by Akron, which you can view in the video. (If the video stalls, manually advance it past the 44-second mark, then it begins to play.)


Brian said...

There's probably a block in the back or a clip on every kick/punt return in every game. I don't think missing a call like this isn't the same thing as some other blunders, such as OU/Oregon last year or Colorado getting 5 downs in 1990.

Philip Murphy said...

How is it y'all have neglected to post Charlie Weis' loss of the week... his medical malpractice suit?

At least he beat UCLA.

The Big Picture said...

not like it affected the play...err...yeah...well, it's friggin' akron and western mich.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like last year, when the Zips got a touchdown at NC State when they shouldn't have. Photos clearly showed the ballcarrier down short of the end zone, but Akron got the TD and the upset on the road. Now this with Western Mich.

I'd like their coaches to pick my lottery numbers.