Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Words of Wisdom From Joe Paterno

Seriously, could Joe Paterno be at point of no return? Big things were expected of Penn State, but it was clear to everybody that the Nittany Lions learned nothing from watching the spread offenses of Appalachian State and Oregon rip through Michigan's defense.

Penn State marched into Ann Arbor with a slug-it-out mentality and lost, 14-9. Then Illinois and its spread offense applied a 27-20 defeat to the Nittany Lions. That brings us to Tuesday and Paterno's press conference.

Question: The Tuesday after the Michigan game, you said when you lose a game like that, you can only point the finger at one person, you have to point it at the head coach. Do you have a similar feeling after watching this tape?

Paterno: Any time we lose a football game, it's my fault, all right, up to a point.

Question: Now that you prepared to play against a spread-type offense, what do you think of that kind of offense? If you would ever want to go to something like that, could you approximate it from your current playbook or would you have to completely overhaul?

Paterno: Do you guys watch the same game I watch? We go out and play with five people, spread — quarterback the only guy in it, in the box, so forth. From time to time we play with four-wideouts. I'm not quite sure what game you're watching.

Question: Last week one of your former players was found guilty of murder, sentenced to life without parole. When is the last time or can you recall the last time you were in touch with him?

Paterno: I have no comment on that.

Question: You don't want to talk about it?

Paterno: I have no comment on it.

Question: Why not?

Paterno: Why should I?

Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent.

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