Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Is BCS Sun Not Shining on Devils?

Resume No. 1 belongs to Ohio State, which is No. 1 in the BCS standings. Resume No. 2 belongs to Arizona State, which is No. 8 in the BCS. Let's review the qualifications:

Resume No. 1: A 7-0 record that includes victories over two Mid-American Conference teams, two bottom-feeding Big Ten teams and one I-AA opponent.

Resume No. 2: A 7-0 record that includes victories over Colorado (which beat Oklahoma, No. 5 in the BCS) and Oregon State, plus two other teams from arguably the toughest conference in the land (four of the top 14 teams in the BCS standings are from the Pac-10).

Somehow, the Sun Devils have fallen through the cracks. This despite a resume that is equal or — dare we say it — better than the one put together by the Buckeyes. One brave soul — Neal McCready of the Mobile Press-Register — threw fear aside this week and voted Arizona State No. 1 in the Associated Press poll. Pitchfork Nation caught up with McCready, who spelled out his reasons for putting the Sun Devils at the top of his list.


TrumanHugh said...

Don't worry about ASSu...Cal will hand 'em their first loss next Staurday, so where the Sun Devils are in relation Ohio State is a needless concern...(BTW, they just lost Ryan Torain, one of (if not THE) their best players, for the sad....)

dethwing said...

Could be. But the point is that --this moment-- the gap between them should not be so large in the polls. They're about equal in the computer polls.

Seamus Furr said...

I'm not often right about this sort of thing, but I told people before this season to watch ASU. Erickson's coaching plus an athlete-friendly school plus the desert atmosphere would create a top-10 powerhouse by '08.

And I was wrong again. By one year.

And if I'm OSU or any other team in the Big 10, I'm more worried about losing my blue chip recruits to ASU than anything.