Sunday, October 07, 2007

WAC Ego Ratings: Mumme, Jones Top List

Mike Prather and Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman tackle the question: Name the Western Athletic Conference coach with the biggest ego?

There are some solid candidates to choose from, but Prather and Murphy settle on two — New Mexico State's Hal Mumme, left, and Hawaii's June Jones.

Murphy writes of Mumme: "Mumme, like Jones, is a great offensive mind, but the results at the I-A level (27-48) don't stack up. Mumme is 101-84-1 in his career. He had a losing record at Kentucky. He has a 7-22 record at New Mexico State. Add in the ubiquitous towel [an annoying prop], his used-car-salesman demeanor and that smug look and people get fired up. Not giving credit after losing to a team is just arrogant."

Prather writes of Jones: "Here's my deal with Jones — his teams always seem to underachieve, and he still walks around with that smug look on his face. The gruff demeanor is part of his personality, and it's not fair to criticize a man's persona as long as he's not doing anything wrong. But Jones carries an ego that doesn't match his resume. He's won 63 percent of his games, but Hawaii has finished fourth, fifth, fifth and second in the WAC the past four seasons. That's nothing to get worked up about. Maybe it's because Jones spent so many seasons in the NFL."

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